Building strong bodies and clear minds through the power of Yoga

Providing authentic yoga to individuals who seek positive transformation in their lives. Our teachings are tailored for real people navigating challenges and stresses of a modern world.

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Our 28-Day Wellness kickstart program has been developed over 5 years of research to help you find the best version of you through the fundamentals of yoga.

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Join monthly workshops to continue your education of yoga and all that it entails through the experience of highly trained teachers in our industry.

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Whether you are simply looking to deepen your understanding of yoga or pass on teachings to others, 200hr TT opens the door to ultimate progress.

Camdens Hot Yoga Studio

Our experienced instructors teach poses and breathwork to cultivate greater self-awareness. Discover the transformative power of yoga for yourself and empower your journey towards clarity, purpose, and inner calm.

Our Styles

Find a wide variety of yoga styles to suit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself or simply unwind. Discover your perfect combination by trying all three.

About One Big Heart

Founded in 2017 by Karl Palin, after overcoming physical injuries and years of depression and anxiety through yoga. Karl wanted to bring this journey of mindfulness and intelligent physical sequencing to Western Sydney. Since then, One Big Heart has helped over 5000 people discover yoga, providing a welcoming and inclusive space for all levels and lineages. Join our community and embark on a journey of physical and mental wellness that can transform your life.

What our students are saying

“This yoga studio is just completely superior, the teachers are knowledgeable, very experienced and passionate about their community and their yoga. OBH has been my second home for many years now and I am very grateful for this practice and this incredible local business. Thanks Karl & Team”
Gemma Chapman
"Passionate teachers, their classes are amazing! I also have bought both my mats from here and they’re great quality."
Laura Wolstencroft
"Karl and all the instructors here are absolutely amazing, the energy in his studio is divine. This place is a must if you value your mental health, your contribution to society and your ability to connect to consciousness. Couldn’t recommend it enough"
Aurnob Wasim
"As a beginner to yoga I started doing the online classes & absolutely loved them. Karl & all the instructors are so easy to follow & have different styles which kept it interesting each time."
Naomi Humphries

Our Pricing Options

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi looking for a consistent practice, or a busy professional seeking to fit yoga into your hectic schedule, we have a membership option or class pass that’s right for you.

Learn the fundamentals of yoga. Limited spots available! Claim yours before they’re all gone!

Join the community and attain the profound, life changing effects yoga has to offer with unlimited classes.

Attend single classes when your schedule allows with same day booking and no on going payments.

Share the experience of yoga with loved ones by gifting them a voucher that can be redeemed for our wide range of services and products.


We value education and strive to share our knowledge with anyone of a curious nature. To help people understand more on how yoga can help with: 

  • Strength
  • Flexibility 
  • Stress
  • Depression/Anxiety


We created a Blog that educates on the benefits of yoga. 


Are you ready to transform your health and fitness?

Our studio is dedicated to offering the right kind of yoga for you we do this with a team of highly trained teachers from all walks of life.